HeartBreath is a very easy and effective way to teach anyone how to go into a deep state of relaxed balance, by simply getting your breath and heart to work in harmony.

HeartBreath can help you with: stress, depression, insomnia, anxiety, natural birth, high blood pressure, phobias, smoking, obesity, eating disorders, jetlag, high altitude climbing, asthma, etc. Basically any condition that creates an unbalance of the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) can greatly benefit from the practise of HeartBreath.

HeartBreath Resonance (also Called Cardio-Pulmonary Resonance in Medical Jargon), is actually the most effective and powerful way, designed by Life Intelligence itself, to rebalance the 2 branches of the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS): the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems, that keeps the human body alive, without our mind having to think about it.

Indeed it is very important to understand that HeartBreath Resonance is not a technique per se, but a fundamental natural law of human biology, on which our health and wellbeing is completely dependant on. Therefore learning how this Natural Law works, and knowing how to be in compliance with it, can be a life saving skill....

HeartBreath was featured in the following Health Documentary:
"Projet 10.10.10 : Pill or Perception", that can be watched on YouTube

This full length film interviews some of today’s leading experts in the field of human consciousness and explores the answers to questions like:

•As human beings what makes us so unique
•What degenerates and regenerates our body
•What creates the states depression and anxiety
•How do our genes, brain and heart play a role in our well-being

How much do we really know about the one thing that has the power to either create or destroy our dreams in life?

This film reveals research in neuroscience, epigenetics, cancer, mental illness and the health of our immune system and well-being.

The director’s outcomes where for people to be able to make well -informed decisions and have sufficient information to seek new channels of learning relevant to their self-education and health.

Hosted by Emily Gowor and includes:
Pat Armitstead - Positive Psychology and Joyology
Daniel Astinotti - Heart Rate Variability Practitioner
Dana Bilbe - Fitness Instructor and Wellness Coach
Joe Dispenza - Chiropractor and Neuroscientist
John Francis - Human Consciousness Facilitator
Theresa Grainger - Neuro Linguistics Practitioner
Robin Kelly - Medical Doctor and Healer
Bruce H. Lipton - Biologist and Epigeneticist
Rob McIntyre - Health and Wellness Facilitator
Richard Moat - Mind-body Medicine and Hypnotist
Deborah Murtagh - Gut-Brain Detoxification Practitioner
Ross Ormsby - Access Consciousness Practitioner
Don Kaimi Pilipovich - Body Talk Instructor
Camillia Temple - Artist, Singer and Songwriter 


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