It has been amazing to see how much energy can be stored in tense parts of the body and released during sessions.

In 2009, I went through a period of prolonged, intense stress while writing my doctoral thesis, separating from my husband and looking after our young child. Biweekly session with Daniel, in a one-to-one and group setting, not only completely alleviated the physical symptoms associated with stress, including nutrient deficiencies, depression and burn-out, but also increased the productivity and quality of my work. My writing became clearer and more focused reducing the time spent editing and revising. Relationships with those around me became more harmonious and my sense of self-worth increased. It has been amazing to see how much energy can be stored in tense parts of the body and released during sessions. This left me literally bouncing around with new-found energy.

I am maintaining weekly sessions with Daniel. Work with him has been nothing short of transformative, questioning my most deeply held beliefs about life, society and my role in it. Daniel has supported this process with perceptive care and lasting presence. He has provided effective guidance based on his extensive knowledge and experience while supporting and encouraging personal choices. I fully endorse and commend his approach. At all stages it has provided exactly what I needed and what I was ready for.

Ines Winz (Waitakere City, New Zealand)

“Now I know how to look after my own health and well being!”

“Daniel thoroughly explains the process of changing old habits of breathing so that I understand what is happening and what I can do to be healthier and calmer. It is very interesting to see on the computer screen the ‘real time’ graphic record of how my heart is beating in response to how I am breathing. This immediate feedback from my own body really helps me to observe how I am breathing and to create new patterns.

Learning how to breathe well and to ‘listen’ to what my body is telling me has given me a whole new way of being in the world. The depression, anxiety, stress and emotional fluctuations were hugely reduced after only four sessions, and I am confident that this progress will continue. I feel so much more grounded, am thinking more clearly and my bodily aches and pains are lessened. I am told that this is due to the increased flow of oxygen.

I am so grateful to Daniel for passing on his knowledge and for compassionately supporting me in this process.”

Barbara (Auckland, New Zealand)

“I don’t remember feeling so relaxed in my life before”

Regular biofeedback and Heartbreath sessions with Daniel have made a real difference to my life. My sleep and state of innerpeace have drastically improved. I don’t remember feeling so relaxed in my life before! Even my friends have commented about it. Daniel helped me move through a very challenging transition in my life and I am grateful to him for that.

During the last 12 years I have tried an extensive variety of alternative therapies. Compared with other modalities, Daniel’s sessions have been a joy. I also like the fact that I can practice the Heartbreath on my own wherever I am, even lying in bed. In addition, his approach is conducive to consciousness expansion. I have found Daniel to be caring, lighthearted, flexible, and trustworthy and I recommend his sessions to anybody suffering from anxiety, depression and insomnia.

Françoise Martineau (Auckland, New Zealand)

“I can attest that the results are long term... It is a skill for Life”

I learnt the Heartbreath way of breathing over two years ago. When I met Daniel I was under a lot of stress and had been noticing heart palpitations associated with the anxiety – which made me feel even more stressed. I was caught in a vicious cycle of holding my breath and shallow breathing, never realising that this was in fact making my bodily experienced stress levels even worse. Sometimes we can be our own worst enemies!

Very simply, in a friendly and professional way, Daniel showed me where my breathing pattern was unhelpful. The system gives you instant visual results making it easy to learn. After a few sessions of watching the screen display, I could get back in touch with my own breathing and monitor myself away from the computer – it is a skill for life and I still use it when faced with daunting situations. I can attest that the results are long-term. The benefits are greatly reduced levels of stress and anxiety, a renewed sense of joy, and a feeling of being back in control of my body (and mind) again! I am so grateful for this.

I now understand why many religions put attention on the breath – it is an easy ‘doorway’ into the mind/body/emotion connection; it is truly a way to relax into a sense of peace and join with the breath in the ebb and flow of life.

Christine Carter (Auckland, New Zealand)

“Regularly practising Heartbreath meant each breath wasn't a challenge or an unfamiliar technique. It was me – my natural breath”

I started Heartbreath sessions with Daniel when I was five months pregnant with my second child Ferdia. I went as much out of curiosity as well as having a propensity to stress. Through Daniel’s gentle and supportive guidance I was amazed at how possible it was to reach a state of complete calm and feel my unborn baby respond with reflected calmness. Daniel has a wonderful ability to sense where you are in your life and guide you appropriately in your current life situation.

The birth of my child was a slow process. The rhythm of my breath kept me aware and present of the changes happening in my body. Regularly practising Hearthbreath meant each breath wasn’t a challenge or an unfamiliar technique. It was me – my natural breath.

It feels wonderful to have brought Ferdia into the world consciously, with love and at home. It didn’t feel like I had done a hard days work but instead I felt refreshed and energised.

Deirdre Idema (Auckland, New Zealand)

“It took quite a bit of time for me to surrender to my body's inner intelligence”

My first heart breath session was very interesting. It took quite a bit of time for me to surrender to my body's inner intelligence, drop out the mind and into my body. Once I was able to do this with Daniel's help and the heart breath pacer I felt things begun to unlock within my body and I felt an emotional release.

I have been continuing the heart breath sessions, going into them deeper and deeper with more awareness of my body and what it's trying to tell me. This knowledge has started to help me in my everyday life helping me to relax and giving me a huge sense of inner peace. Thank you Daniel.

Amber Lewis, 26 (Cornwall, United Kingdom)

“Absolutely changed the way I interact with every aspect of my life”

Such an obvious, and simple direction.. learning to listen to your own heart. Absolutely changed the way I interact with every aspect of my life.... because If I'm not listening or open to the idea, then I am ignorant to a mass of my own intelligence..

I am forever grateful to you Daniel for showing me this way...


“ It has been truly life changing!”

'I'll never forget looking at that monitor for the first time and seeing all the jagged irregular lines slowly synchronising as the heart breath session progressed and that feeling of complete relaxation that came along with it. Before meeting Daniel the whole idea of heart and overall body intelligence was alien to me but after hearing experiences about the sessions from my fellow WWOOFERS I was eager to try it out. For the first few sessions it took some time for me to completely detach from my mind and tune in with my heart intelligence. However with Daniel's constant guidance, patience and encouragement it became easier to connect with my body. Being a sufferer of scoliosis, during sessions, we also worked on realigning my spine and although I am very aware that it will take a lot of time and patience I truly feel a difference.

I recently came home for a visit and contracted shingles and the doctors told me that the rash itself would last 3-4 weeks and there was the possibility of nerve damage and experiencing chronic pain for 6 months to a year. I immediately let my ego take me to all the negative places imaginable until I took a proper moment to rationalise and digest what I had been told. So I decided to put to practice what I had been learning for 2 months. For the next days, several times a day, I was sending a conscious pulse from my heart to the part of my body that needed healing. Proper breathing plus some apple cider vinegar to dry up the rash and in 2 weeks I was completely healed!

I practice synchronising my heart and breath on a daily basis as I truly believe in its healing powers and it also helps me approach my daily life with much more awareness and clarity.

Daniel I feel so lucky to have crossed your path, thank you for your generosity, your time and patience, I am forever grateful, it has been truly life changing!

I am forever grateful to you Daniel for showing me this way...

Annika, Malta