The Heart Breath pacer is set to help you do four full breaths per minute, that acts directly on your heart to generate a coherent Pulsing Energy Field all around you. It also synchronises your breath (and your Heart Energy Field) with anyone else using this application at the same time - anywhere in the world.

This Heart Breath pacer is very easy to use: all you have to do is to breathe in with the sound of the wave, and to breathe out with the sound of the humming (doing a humming sound yourself too). Become aware of all the physical movements and sensations happening in your chest during the breath cycles. And at all times, put the intent to feel your own heart beat inside your chest when you breathe (if necessary put a hand on your chest to help feeling more easily your heart beat and chest movement). This simple and powerful process, practised regularly and consciously, may change your life and the life on this planet for the best.


This is a free service but donations are warmly welcome. Donations helps support the research of the Heart Breath Institute, and the development of this website for the good of everyone.